What’s been happening?

Well it’s been a while, over a year since my last post and a lot has happened in that year.

I finally took the leap into a full-time real startup – StartHere.com.au.

I’d been working on StartHere’s predecessor since 2005, but with the injection of some seed funding and partnering with a seasoned entrepreneur, we finally made a real business of the venture.

In the 12-or-so months since starting full-time on StartHere we’ve made some pretty impressive progress, totally redesigning and rebuilding the back end web application and the user interface, changing the business model and engaging a CEO to drive the business. ¬†We now have close to 100,000 members and have generated $10m in sales and given back over $500,000 in cashback. We also have a full-time customer engagement expert on board as well as several off-shore assistants and have recently secured more funding so things are looking very good.

There’s been a lot – and I mean a lot – of hard work over the last 12 months, and I’m still working at the very least 70 hours a week. I’ve managed to take 2 whole days off during that time but it really has been exciting and terrifying and satisfying and frustrating – everything a start up should be I guess.

I have learnt so much over this time and feel much more comfortable with the uncertainty of a startup than I did 13 months ago.

Where this particular journey will end up – who knows – but I do know we have a great team and lots of potential to grow this business to 1m members possibly within the next 12 months with some smart partnerships that are in the pipeline.

As things settle down a little bit I am really hoping to write more about the day-to-day challenges that face a technical founder, so look out for more posts soon!

Until next time, Steve.


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